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Ubuntu is not "stray cat" open source desktop is then

15 years ago, Linux development project has just started, then, people do not know Linux development mode (open, loose, collaborative) how exactly to go far. Today, the development of history has proven that no matter what kind of sarcastic encounter, combat, obstruct, or intimidate, Linux development projects always move forward, and the technical innovation and onward. Why?

The largest open-source Web site in accordance with international ( statistics, the current total of 140,417 registered open source projects were registered were up to 1,498,326 people. One thing is worth noting that, over the past decade, open source projects and the ratio of enrollment is always close to 1: 10, that is, an open source project has an average of 10 people involved. Statistics show that 90% of the open-source projects tend to quiescent state (to be abandoned, or death); only 10% of the open source project is active; those development activities that we have flourished as a venue for open-source project even less certain. Open source projects are divided into 19 categories, including the Internet (26,950 sub-projects), software development (26,318 posts), the system (21,828 posts), communications (17,473 posts), the game entertainment (16,185 posts), multimedia (14,640 posts), Scientific Computing (13,807 posts), the other major categories of subprojects are 10,000 less, such as: desktop environment only 3,550 sub-projects development projects. This is an overview of current international open source movement.

November 3, 2003, the United States Red Hat (RedHat) Mathew Szulik, president of the then Linux and the open-source project development status, decided to temporarily give up the "Linux Desktop" R & D, fully into the enterprise Linux. Mathew Szulik said: "The consumer market, Windows probably continues to be the right product line", "Linux technologies need to mature." This statement, from that time led Linux Enterprise (ie Red Hat) leaders, simply equivalent to the global open source movement "pouring a pot of cold water." Since then, Red Hat took a comprehensive business-oriented, "order" service development. Worldwide (desktop) Linux development at a low ebb (even low).

April 2004, Africa's first astronaut Mark Shuttleworth in Australia at their own expense to convene a "small volunteer will" think again renaissance "Desktop Linux". The meeting decided that in Debian (a very large Linux community distribution), based on refining a kind of "desktop Linux", but to keep it always purely "free software" (that can "use the free") state. Mark to the development plan from a very famous name: "Ubuntu" ("without the map", the ancient African language, "be kind to others" meaning). Since then, Mark Shuttleworth put into the spirit of Ubuntu to the software industry in the world inside. The results, in October 2004 the first "Ubuntu Linux 4.10" version released, version serial number "4.10" that was released in October 2004 version, then Ubuntu Linux 5.04,5.10,6.06,6.10 have released version, release interval of six months, at present, is preparing the latest version of Ubuntu Linux 7.04 Test and release. Ubuntu Linux 6.06 version is the so-called "long-term support" version, is divided into desktop and server versions, including the desktop version to support a period of 3 years; server version for 5 years; the remaining period of the effective support of both version 1 and a half years. Briefly to say, Ubuntu's goal is rehabilitation, "Desktop Linux".

January 2007, the world "" author Michael J. Jordan, editor in chief, said: "not too long in the future, Ubuntu is not only the word" peace "(peace) of the synonym, but also will be" Linux "of the鍚屼箟璇嶏紝灏卞儚褰撳墠绾㈠附灏辨槸Linux鐨勫悓涔夎瘝涓?牱鈥濄?浠栧Ubuntu缁欎簣寰堥珮鐨勮瘎浠峰拰甯屾湜銆傛垜浠闂紝杩欎竴鍒囨槸涓轰粈涔?

銆??Ubuntu涓嶆槸鍥介檯浜掕仈缃戜笂鏃犲鍙綊鐨勨?娴佹氮鐚?锛屼笢娓歌タ鑽★紝鏃犱汉鍛垫姢銆備綅浜庢娲茬殑Canonical鍏徃鏄疷buntu鐨勭涓?敮鎸佽?锛屽畠鍦ㄥ姞鎷垮ぇ钂欑壒鍒╁皵璁剧珛浜哢buntu鐨勫璇鈥淐all Center鈥?鍛煎彨涓績)锛屽悜鍏ㄧ悆鎻愪緵Ubuntu鐨勬敮鎸佹湇鍔°?Ubuntu鍦ㄥ叏鐞冨凡缁忔湁46涓?鍚堜綔浼欎即鈥濓紝鎻愪緵Ubuntu鐨勬湰鍦板寲鏈嶅姟銆?br />
銆??鍏ㄤ笘鐣孶buntu蹇楁効鑰呮湁涓?釜鍏卞悓鐞嗗康锛歎buntu鏄尞缁欏叏浜虹被鐨勭ぜ鐗┿?鍦ㄥ寳缇庣數鑴戝競鍦轰笂锛?System76 鍜?ZaReason 涓ゅ鍏徃閮芥槸浠?Ubuntu 涓轰腑蹇冪殑鐢佃剳鍒堕?鍟嗭紝閿?敭鎯呭喌涓?洿涓嶉敊銆傝繎鏃ワ紝 System76 鎬昏 Carl Richell 瀵瑰獟浣撹〃绀猴紝鍏徃 Ubuntu 鐢佃剳( NetBooks 绫诲瀷)鐨勮鍗曚笉鏂互鑷翠緵璐т笉瓒宠?鎰熷埌鐑︽伡銆?br />
銆??鐩墠锛屾柊鐗堟湰 Ubuntu 9.10 (鍗?10 鏈?29 鏃ョ殑鑰冩媺鍙戣鐗?灏嗛噰鐢ㄥ叏鏂?GRUB 2 浣滀负绯荤粺鐨勫惎鍔ㄥ姞杞藉櫒锛屾涓剧壒鍒湁鍔╀簬鑷惎鍔?U 鐩樼殑鍒朵綔鍜屼娇鐢ㄣ?鎴戜滑搴旇鎳傚緱涓?釜浜嬪疄锛?Ubuntu 鎬绘槸鍦ㄤ笉鏂揩閫熷彂灞曚腑銆?Ubuntu 鐨勬瘡涓?釜鏂扮増鏈殑鍙戝竷閮戒細缁欏箍澶х敤鎴峰甫鏉ユ柊鐨勪綋楠屻?

銆??浜嬪疄涓婏紝 Ubuntu 鐨勬瘡涓?釜鐗堟湰鎴戦兘浣跨敤杩囷紝浜茶嚜浣撻獙杩囥?瀵规柊鐗堟湰鐨勬湡寰咃紝瀵硅?鐗堟湰鐨勭暀鎭嬶紝杩欎袱绉嶆儏鎰熷線寰?氦缁囧湪鎴戠殑蹇冮棿銆傛湁鏃讹紝鎴戞劅鍒?Ubuntu 鐨勫崌绾уお蹇簡锛屼篃鎰熷埌寰堟棤濂堛?浣嗘槸锛屼笉鍙戝睍锛岃皥浣曞垱鏂?鎴戜滑瑕侀?搴?Ubuntu 鐨勫揩閫熻妭鎷嶏紝瑕佺揣璺熷畠鐨勫彂灞曟浼愩?瀹為檯涓婏紝姝f槸 Ubuntu 鐨勫彂灞曟満鍒朵娇寰楀畠鍋滀笉涓嬫潵銆?Canonical 涓嶆兂璧氶挶鍚?褰撶劧涓嶆槸銆備絾鏄紝 Canonical 鐨勭粡钀ユ柟寮忎笉鍚屼簬浼犵粺妯″紡銆傚湪 Canonical 鐪嬫潵锛屽彧鏈夋妸 Ubuntu 浜у搧鍋氬緱鍗佸垎绮剧編锛屽崄鍒嗗畬鍠勶紝鎵嶈兘淇濊瘉 Ubuntu 鏈嶅姟鐢熸?閾剧殑鑹?鍙戝睍銆傝繖绉嶅彂灞曟ā寮忓繀灏嗘敼鍙樻暣涓笘鐣岃蒋浠朵笟銆?br />

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Image Format headquarters

Author: Ken

Computer wallpaper pictures of each one can be beautiful expression of personal sentiment and style; when we design web pages, images are ultimately decorated. Then the usual image we have come across it in the end what? Common image file formats And what then?

1, BMP format

BMP is the English Bitmap (bitmap) in short, it is a standard Windows operating system image file format, can be supported by many Windows applications. With the Windows operating system popular with rich Windows application development, BMP bitmap format is widely used naturally. This format is characterized by rich image information contained almost no compression, but this led to all born with health defects - take up too much disk space. So, now more popular BMP in a single machine.

Second, GIF format

GIF is the English Graphics Interchange Format (Graphics Interchange Format) abbreviation. As the name suggests, this format is used to exchange pictures. It is true that the last century 80's, a leading U.S. online information service CompuServe network bandwidth for time constraints, to develop such a GIF image formats.

GIF format is characterized by high compression ratio, the disk space occupied by small, so this image format widely used promptly. The original GIF is simply used to store single frame still images (called GIF87a), then as technology development, and can also store a number of pieces of still image and then form a continuous animation, making it one of the few who supported 2D animation formats (known as GIF89a), while the image in GIF89a transparent area can be designated to display images with extraordinary results, this enables full GIF scenery. The current Internet, a large number of documents used in multi-color animation for this format, also known as GIF89a format.

In addition, taking into account the actual situation of the network transmission, GIF image format also means increased starting to prove, that is, the image transfer process, the user can first see the general outline of the image, and then continued with the gradual transfer process Some see the details of the image to adapt to the user "from the obscure to the clear" viewing psychology. The current Internet, a large number of documents used in multi-color animation for this format.

However, GIF has a small drawback, that can not store more than 256 color images. However, this format is still popular network applications, and GIF image files that short, download speed, available in many image files with the same size composition of animation and other advantages are inseparable.

3, JPEG format

JPEG is a common image format, which consists of the Joint Photo Expert Group (Joint Photographic Experts Group) to develop and to name "ISO 10918-1", JPEG is a commonly known simply nothing. JPEG file extension. Jpg or. Jpeg, its compression technology is very advanced, it is redundant with the lossy compression method and color image data, to obtain very high compression ratio can also display a very rich and vibrant images In other words, is the minimum disk space can get better image quality.

JPEG is also a very flexible format, with the image quality adjustment function, allowing you to use a different compression ratio on this file compression, such as the maximum we can 1.37MB of BMP bitmap file compressed to 20.3KB. Of course, we can in the image quality and file size to find a balance between.

As the JPEG quality and excellent outstanding performance, it is also widely used, especially in the Internet and CD-ROM books, the positive can be found in its shadow. Currently all browsers support the JPEG image format such as JPEG format, smaller file size, download speed, makes the Web page may provide a shorter download time, a large number of beautiful images, JPEG while also naturally become the network's most popular image formats.

4, JPEG2000 format

JPEG JPEG 2000 is the same organization responsible for developing, and it has an official name called "ISO 15444", compared with JPEG, it has a higher compression ratio and more new features of the new generation still image compression technology.

JPEG JPEG2000 as an upgraded version of the JPEG compression ratio higher than about 30%. The difference is that with JPEG, JPEG2000 supports both lossy and lossless compression, while JPEG only supports lossy compression. Lossless compression for the conservation of some important image is very useful. JPEG2000's a very important feature is that it can achieve progressive transmission, that with the GIF's "starting to prove" there is meditation, which is to transfer the outline of the image, and then gradually transfer the data to continuously improve image quality, so that images clear from the twilight to show, but not necessarily the same as the current JPEG, shown from top to bottom slowly.

In addition, JPEG2000 also supports the so-called "region of interest" feature, you can specify the image you are interested in any area of the compression quality can also choose to specify some of the first extract. JPEG JPEG 2000 and compared with obvious advantages and backward compatible, so just around the corner to replace the conventional JPEG format.

JPEG JPEG2000 can be used in traditional markets such as scanners, digital cameras, can also be applied to new areas, such as network transmission, wireless communications.

5, TIFF format

TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is a Mac image format widely used, it is jointly developed by the Aldus and Microsoft, was initially scanned images for cross-platform storage needs of design. It is characterized by complex image formats, store information and more. Because it stores the image information is more subtle level, image quality is also improved, Guer very beneficial to the manuscript copy.

The format of compressed and uncompressed two forms, which can be used LZW lossless compression program storage. However, TIFF format structure is more complex, less compatibility, so your software sometimes may not correctly identify the TIFF file (now most of the software have solved this problem.) Present in Mac and PC, transplant TIFF files are very convenient, so TIFF is now the most widely used computer image file formats.

6, PSD format

This is the famous Adobe's Photoshop image processing software dedicated format Photoshop Document (PSD). PSD is Photoshop for graphic design of a "draft plan", it contains the various layers, channels, masks and other design comp for the next time you open a file can modify the design of the previous . Photoshop supported in a variety of image formats, PSD access speeds much faster than other formats, and powerful function. As more and more widely used Photoshop, so we have reason to believe that this format will gradually catch on.

7, PNG format

PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is a new network image format. In the end of 1994, as Unysis announced GIF patented compression method, which requires the development of GIF software required to pay a fee, The resulting free png image format was born. PNG a combination of GIF and JPG beginning two long, intended to replace the two formats in one fell swoop. October 1, 1996 by the PNG to the international network of alliances and received the recommendation approved standard, and most of the mapping software and browsers start supporting PNG image browsing, life glow from PNG image format.

PNG is to ensure the most undistorted form, it draws on the advantages of both GIF and JPG, storage form of wealth, both GIF and JPG color mode; its other features can compress image files to the limit in order to facilitate network transmission, but can retain all information related with the image quality, since PNG is lossless compression to reduce file size, image quality and sacrifice it in exchange for high JPG compression ratio is different; its third characteristic is to show very fast, simply download the 1 / 64 of the image information can show low-resolution preview images; fourth, PNG transparent images also support the production of transparent image when the image in the production of useful pages, we Set the background image can be transparent, with the page itself instead of the color information set transparent color, this will allow the background image and page are in harmony together.

The disadvantage is that PNG does not support animation application effect, if can be strengthened in this regard simply can completely replace the GIF and JPEG up. Macromedia's Fireworks software, the default format is PNG. Now, more and more software began to support this format, but the network also increasingly popular cut-off.


8, SWF format

Using Flash we can create a kind of suffix, called SWF (Shockwave Format) of animation, animated images in this format can be used to represent a relatively small volume of rich multimedia form. In image transmission, without waiting for files to download to view all, but you can look side to download, so particularly suitable for network transmission, especially in the case of poor transfer rate can also get good results. Also proved this point, SWF now has been used in WEB pages for multimedia presentations and interactive design. In addition, SWF animation is making its vector technology, so no matter how many times the picture to enlarge the picture will not be any damage. In summary, SWF format works for its high-definition picture quality and compact size, are more and more web designers, are becoming more and more animation and Web page design mainstream picture, has become the Internet de facto standard for animation.

9, SVG format

SVG can be considered to be the far the most fiery of the image file format, and it's the English full name Scalable Vector Graphics, meaning scalable vector graphics. It is based on XML (Extensible Markup Language), the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed by the coalition. Strictly speaking, should be an open standard vector graphics language that allows you to design exciting, high-resolution Web graphics page. Users can use the code to describe the image, you can use any text-processing tools to open SVG image, by changing some code to make images with interactive features, and can be readily inserted into the HTML of your browser to view.

銆??瀹冩彁渚涗簡鐩墠缃戠粶娴佽鏍煎紡GIF鍜孞PEG鏃犳硶鍏峰浜嗕紭鍔匡細鍙互浠绘剰鏀惧ぇ鍥惧舰鏄剧ず锛屼絾缁濅笉浼氫互鐗虹壊鍥惧儚璐ㄩ噺涓轰唬浠凤紱瀛楀湪SVG鍥惧儚涓繚鐣欏彲缂栬緫鍜屽彲鎼滃鐨勭姸鎬侊紱骞冲潎鏉ヨ锛孲VG鏂囦欢姣擩PEG鍜孏IF鏍煎紡鐨勬枃浠惰灏忓緢澶氾紝鍥犺?涓嬭浇涔熷緢蹇?鍙互鐩镐俊锛孲VG鐨勫紑鍙戝皢浼氫负Web鎻愪緵鏂扮殑鍥惧儚鏍囧噯銆?br />


銆??PCX鏍煎紡鏄痁SOFT鍏徃鍦ㄥ紑鍙戝浘鍍忓鐞嗚蒋浠禤aintbrush鏃跺紑鍙戠殑涓?鏍煎紡锛岃繖鏄竴绉嶇粡杩囧帇缂╃殑鏍煎紡锛屽崰鐢ㄧ鐩樼┖闂磋緝灏戙?鐢变簬璇ユ牸寮忓嚭鐜扮殑鏃堕棿杈冮暱锛屽苟涓斿叿鏈夊帇缂╁強鍏ㄥ僵鑹茬殑鑳藉姏锛屾墍浠ョ幇鍦ㄤ粛姣旇緝娴佽銆?br />

銆??DXF锛圓utodesk Drawing Exchange Format锛夋槸AutoCAD涓殑鐭㈤噺鏂囦欢鏍煎紡锛屽畠浠SCII鐮佹柟寮忓瓨鍌ㄦ枃浠讹紝鍦ㄨ〃鐜板浘褰㈢殑澶у皬鏂归潰鍗佸垎绮剧‘銆傝澶氳蒋浠堕兘鏀寔DXF鏍煎紡鐨勮緭鍏ヤ笌杈撳嚭銆?br />

銆??WMF锛圵indows Metafile Format锛夋槸Windows涓父瑙佺殑涓?鍥惧厓鏂囦欢鏍煎紡锛屽睘浜庣煝閲忔枃浠舵牸寮忋?瀹冨叿鏈夋枃浠剁煭灏忋?鍥炬閫犲瀷鍖栫殑鐗圭偣锛屾暣涓浘褰㈠父鐢卞悇涓嫭绔嬬殑缁勬垚閮ㄥ垎鎷兼帴鑰屾垚锛屽叾鍥惧舰寰?線杈冪矖绯欍?


銆??EMF锛圗nhanced Metafile锛夋槸寰蒋鍏徃涓轰簡寮ヨˉ浣跨敤WMF鐨勪笉瓒宠?寮?彂鐨勪竴绉峎indows 32浣嶆墿灞曞浘鍏冩枃浠舵牸寮忥紝涔熷睘浜庣煝閲忔枃浠舵牸寮忥紝鍏剁洰鐨勬槸娆蹭娇鍥惧厓鏂囦欢鏇村姞瀹规槗鎺ュ彈銆?br />
銆??5銆丩IC锛團LI/FLC锛夋牸寮?br />
銆??Flic鏍煎紡鐢盇utodesk鍏徃鐮斿埗鑰屾垚锛孎LIC鏄疐LC鍜孎LI鐨勭粺绉帮細FLI鏄渶鍒濈殑鍩轰簬320脳200鍒嗚鲸鐜囩殑鍔ㄧ敾鏂囦欢鏍煎紡锛岃?FLC鍒欓噰鐢ㄤ簡鏇撮珮鏁堢殑鏁版嵁鍘嬬缉鎶?湳锛屾墍浠ュ叿鏈夋瘮FLI鏇撮珮鐨勫帇缂╂瘮锛屽叾鍒嗚鲸鐜囦篃鏈変簡涓嶅皯鎻愰珮銆?br />

銆??EPS锛圗ncapsulated PostScript锛夋槸PC鏈虹敤鎴疯緝灏戣鐨勪竴绉嶆牸寮忥紝鑰岃嫻鏋淢ac鏈虹殑鐢ㄦ埛鍒欑敤寰楄緝澶氥?瀹冩槸鐢≒ostScript璇█鎻忚堪鐨勪竴绉岮SCII鐮佹枃浠舵牸寮忥紝涓昏鐢ㄤ簬鎺掔増銆佹墦鍗扮瓑杈撳嚭宸ヤ綔銆?br />

銆??TGA锛圱agged Graphics锛夋枃浠舵槸鐢辩編鍥絋ruevision鍏徃涓哄叾绀哄崱寮?彂鐨勪竴绉嶅浘鍍忔枃浠舵牸寮忥紝宸茶鍥介檯涓婄殑鍥惧舰銆佸浘鍍忓伐涓氭墍鎺ュ彈銆俆GA鐨勭粨鏋勬瘮杈冪畝鍗曪紝灞炰簬涓?鍥惧舰銆佸浘鍍忔暟鎹殑閫氱敤鏍煎紡锛屽湪澶氬獟浣撻鍩熸湁鐫?緢澶у奖鍝嶏紝鏄绠楁満鐢熸垚鍥惧儚鍚戠數瑙嗚浆鎹㈢殑涓?棣栭?鏍煎紡銆?br />


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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New accounting standards and tax law differences on how to coordinate

The new accounting standards have been January 1, 2007 became fully implemented in listed companies. Recently in the tax net and other units from China held between the new accounting standards and tax expert seminar, experts discussed from different angles the new accounting standards and tax aspects of various differences and focus around the new accounting standards and tax law causes of the differences that the differences in content and solutions, how to master the new accounting standards, etc were also discussed.

Accounting professor, Sun Jianguo, China's tax chief expert network that will produce accounting standards and tax differences are inevitable problems. First of all, the two are not the same as the objectives to be achieved. Accounting objective is to truly and objectively reflect the financial position, operating results and cash flow, while the main objective of tax laws through fair taxes, fair competition to ensure the realization of revenue. Second, the basic premise of the two different. The four new accounting standards is a prerequisite for accounting entity, going concern, accounting stage and monetary measures. The corporate income tax the taxpayer is different from the accounting entity, but also for income, expenses, assets and liabilities of the recognition, measurement of the time and scope of the differences between temporary and permanent inevitably produce differences. Again, the principles between the two is not the same. In addition to a number of income tax law to follow accounting principles, the main legal principles should adhere to the principle of equity, income and balanced principles, anti-avoidance principle and the principle of administrative efficiency.

"It is precisely because of the existence of differences between accounting and tax law, we will carefully study where different, so we all know how to handle these differences." Fang Beijing National Accounting Institute associate said, "This happens to be our National Accounting Institute and China's tax net services such as consulting, as an important research topic in 2007 is an important cause. "

Central University of Finance and Accounting Institute Professor Yu Yingmin that the promulgation of new accounting standards reflect three major breakthroughs. First, from the domestic system to achieve a breakthrough to international standards. The old accounting standards and accounting systems, generally speaking, the basic system is still based on domestic. But this time, accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standards adopted consistent with the principles and approach, and has been recognized by the International Accounting Standards Committee. Second, realized from the service manager to service stakeholders breakthrough. The old accounting standards and accounting system is mainly to meet the managers, in particular the needs of the government administration system system. Overall, to meet the higher authorities on the line. But under the new guidelines, they should as far as possible the demands of investors, creditors, managers, regulators and the public need for information from such persons. Third, the new guidelines to achieve a heavier weight long-term development of the current profit breakthroughs. For example, new standards in the recognition, measurement and financial reporting structure, and established the core of the balance sheet in order to limit short-term business. Over the years, the income statement financial statements of the enterprise system has been living in a prominent position, profits as the management of all aspects of corporate performance assessment to measure key indicators of corporate profitability, but it's easy for some companies to leave short-term profit manipulation profit space, and The new accounting standards system highlights the balance sheet of the report system in the central position of the balance required enterprises to enhance the quality of information. Assets less liabilities of enterprises in the balance of the equity increase in circumstances that increase the enterprise value, shareholder wealth and growth, which broke through the traditional concept of pure profit, helped promote the company implementing the scientific development concept, improve asset liability management, optimization of assets and capital structure, improve decision-making level, to avoid focusing only on immediate interests and advance the implementation of income distribution, long-term strategy to fully focus on business and sustainable development.

On the positive role of the new accounting standards, experts agreed that the new accounting standards such as accounting policy choices in research and development costs capitalized into the system, a change in our total cost of R & D requirements, meet the recognized criteria for the expenditure of development activities allow capitalization. This policy will encourage enterprises to increase science and technology and R & D activities Touru, promote technological upgrading and industrial restructuring, Wei 钀藉疄 central authorities of the country through science, encourage their independent innovation of the call, creating a good accounting Zhengce environment, success in the eyes benefit in the long run. Another example, the new accounting standards focus on the protection of economic and social harmonious development of areas in cost accounting, and international technology accordance with a market demand and further improve the cost-compensation system, Gaijin a cost accounting project and Fangfa, firms will Chengdan the disposal of fixed assets obligations of social responsibility accounting system introduced in order to be more scientific, rational, comprehensive cost information to reflect, to ensure that the cost of compensation and workers compensation, to avoid ahead of distribution, the implementation of harmonious development.

New accounting standards and tax law differences between expression? With years of practical experience of Gao Yun Bin revenue from substance over form, prudence, accrual and cash basis of accounting principles and other important new guidelines compared with the differences in tax law content. In his view, both old and new accounting standards and tax laws are differences in the income tax on the more obvious, accounting standards and the income tax system should be more coordination of space.涓浗绋庣綉娑夌◣椋庨櫓鐮旂┒瀹や笓瀹堕檲钀嶇敓璁や负锛岀洰鍓嶇◣鍔¢儴闂ㄥ湪姝ゆ柟闈㈠姩浣滄湁鐐圭◢鎱? He said, because the scope of the implementation of new accounting standards is still limited to listed companies, compared to other companies is the implementation. In other words, you can do can not execute, so the tax sector, there is a policy of transition. In addition, regardless of how changes in the accounting system, tax policy, if unchanged, the taxpayers or tax payments from tax in accordance with accounting principles.

Capital University of Economics Professor Zhang Chunping, Shandong Finance Institute Professor Cai Changfu, the Chinese team of experts Wang Lingdeng tax net policy statement, also in the use of new accounting standards for attention were two tips. First, note that the application of fair value must meet strict preconditions. In accordance with the provisions of the new accounting standards, listed companies should establish and improve related with the fair value of the decision-making system, in strict accordance with the new standards require, carefully selected and appropriate fair value measurement model. To determine the fair value method of valuation assumptions and the main parameters related to the selection of a determined, it should be full disclosure. Meanwhile, for compliance with international practices and China's actual conditions, such as some financial assets and liabilities, exchange and other non-monetary assets, allowing the use of fair value. Made for some media, "the introduction of fair value will significantly increase business risk of profit and loss control, accounting information will lead to chaos" problem, experts think this worry is unnecessary. Because the new guidelines on the use of fair value set many restrictions, so long as the correct grasp, we can accurately and effectively monitor the application.

銆??浜屾槸鍦ㄨ繍鐢ㄤ竴浜涘噯鍒欓」鐩椂锛岃鎶婃彙濂芥斂绛栫晫闄愩? Accounting Standards in the construction of certain significant accounting policies for the appropriate adjustments and improvement of relevant standards of these projects, to grasp the policy limits, the policy is good, with properly. For example, the new guidelines require companies timely provision for asset impairment, impairment loss is recognized, to reflect the true value of the assets, but did not allow the companies make more impairment, but does not allow enterprises to establish a secret preparation, also does not allow pre-identified impairment of long-term assets to be back, but against corporate use of old and new convergence criteria for the occasion, random early reversal of impairment losses, adjusted profit.鍙堝锛屾柊鍑嗗垯鏀瑰彉浜嗙爺鍙戣垂鐢ㄧ殑鍋氭硶锛屽厑璁稿皢閮ㄥ垎寮?彂鏀嚭璧勬湰鍖栦綔涓鸿祫浜х‘璁ゅ垪鎶ャ? This policy will greatly improve the high-tech companies, venture capital enterprises or larger corporate R & D financial position and performance level, encouraging these companies to increase R & D investment. But these expenses must meet stringent recognition criteria, does not allow companies will not meet the requirements of the development expenditure recognized as an intangible asset.瑕佹帉鎻″ソ杩欎簺鍏蜂綋鐨勬斂绛栵紝灏遍渶瑕佷紒涓氳储鍔′汉鍛樺拰鐩稿叧璐d换浜轰弗鏍兼妸鍏筹紝鍒囧疄鎵挎媴璧疯矗浠绘潵銆?br />


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Video P2P download Storm: Openext

Author: Michelle

As a professional worm, the Internet every day to find their own appropriate resources is a job to do daily, since installing broadband, I have even more reluctant to leave. But always find work for their inefficiency and fat to worry about. To solve this problem, several of our good friends have chosen to exchange each other's resource base to achieve the purpose of enriching their content. The power of a few people always limited, if all the users are sharing their resources so will it not form a large pool. I am sure there is such a tool can help me achieve this, then have another day's work, that is to find suitable peer sharing tools, this work has been carried out to find a name I Openext broadband entertainment platform to share after the stop, because I found it what I want to find the treasure!

First, install the registration

From the Pacific Ocean online to download the latest V4.0 version of the current, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation wizard, has been clicking the "Next" to complete the installation.

Installed in the Start menu and Desktop to create the appropriate shortcut, double-click the shortcut to start the establishment as shown in Figure 1, the registration wizard window, for new registered users two options, one registered general number that is "registered new number ", the other is registered" good number ", the user can choose according to their own needs registration form, then fill in relevant information can easily access OP world, the only letter of their own personal capacity, character (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Tip: If you want to get access to a free membership account, you can log in directly, where registered users will enjoy free access to 168 hours of member services, all resources Free to download (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Second, shared resources

Resource Search

The greatest advantage is the use of OP can get a wealth of resources, log on OP account, on the main interface appears, we can import three different available resources to search (Figure 4).

Figure 4

(1) the top of the main interface, there is a Search toolbar, which we only need to enter keywords to search, then click "GO" button to start the search.

Tip: Click the Search toolbar button in front of the class can choose to search for resources.

(2) Click the top of the main interface, all part of the "Search Center", so that the section is divided into the following music search, video search, software search, Flash search, image search, book search, and we only need to press the corresponding category can then interface that appears and then enter keywords to search in that category was.


(3) If you can not find in the main interface, as shown in the second search for ways to interface, you can click on the right of "Search Center" button.

Resources Download

No matter which way we search for the search to the resource will be in the form of a list is displayed, we only need to right click what you want to download to local resources, in the pop-up menu, select "Download this file" - "Browse", then open the window, select Save.

Figure 5

Tip: We can set the default download location of files, right-click the icon on the taskbar Openext, in the pop-up menu, select "Options Settings", then switch to the "Transfer Settings", click "Download List" after "view "button to set it up. After this setting later download only the pop-up menu, select "download this file" button.

Download Center

When we added after the download task, OP will start to connect each other's computer attempts to download, download if you want to know the situation, you can click the main interface to the right of "Download transfer", this will add to the list of download tasks form is displayed, and also shows the download progress, etc. (Figure 6). Right-click the task of being downloaded can also carry out further operations.

Figure 6

Tip: If you download the way, the other side of the computer shuts down, then we can also log in next time click the bottom "View Resume" to continue to try to connect the user's computer to download.

Resource sharing

If you just want to get other people's resources without sharing their own content, such behavior was immoral. To this end we have to pay for the same time, click the main interface to the right of "shared management" button, so there will be a similar Explorer window (Figure 7), selected to share the file or folder , click the "Make Share" button.

Figure 7

Tip: If you do not want to share files one by one, you can click the Sharing Wizard to search for media resources can be shared out.

Third, special applications

In addition to resource sharing OP have outstanding performance, there are other very useful functions!

Friends exchange

Friends exchange must first add a friend, click the bottom of Figure 8, the "Find" button to search meet your requirements friends, add the end we only need to "my friends" in the double-click the account name to start the exchange of window.

Figure 8

Play Platform

Although OP is a resource sharing tool, but it can serve as a multi-play entertainment platform, click the bottom right corner of the button, this will open the Add Files window, you can be pictures, music, videos and other content added in. For example, I add a video, it becomes a play the main interface window (Figure 9).

Figure 9

Tip: If you want to return this time, search center, you can use the search above resources, a third way to proceed.

Other services

Can be said that OP is a multifunctional broadband entertainment platform, except as described above, OP community also provides us with the exchange, where you can enjoy the site collection, online film features outstanding recent OP also that we provide a friend function, if you want to come a romantic thing, I believe it will be able to help you achieve this.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yang and his right-hand man

3 April morning, in Beijing's National Stadium Olympic venues area where bustling, tens of thousands of people sitting in the stands, anxiously waiting for a person's appearance. Light shine, music sounded, a vigorous middle-aged man took the podium and began gushing speech, he recently mentioned the company's organizational restructuring its business model, and then talked about innovation, and her hand kept gestures.

"We is like boxers, we use our left hand to cover your head and heart, and preserve our business; but we should attack the right hand, should score the fastest growing area in which to win growth." Middle-aged man paused, eyes warmly watching the audience were, "I am confident that strong execution of strategy, we will survive the current global economic crisis, the association to bring a new level." he is again as Lenovo CEO Yang just two months.

The audience burst into prolonged applause, it has been a long time without feeling like this high up. And Lenovo's new fiscal year before the oath-taking rally different, the General Assembly for the first time allow employees to wear casual clothing to attend, rather than the previous dark mass of a dark blue suit, the middle of all of the songs that are popular song "I Have a Dream" , come back soon when Qiao Jian, vice president on the host, she not only read their English name became the "Cambridge" is just yet another comeback to take the vice president, "Forever," Wang Xiaoyan's English name baited, will The interpretation of "Little King of Hell."

Even the finale of his speech, the marshals to do is just assumed the Lenovo Group chairman Liu also soon face relaxed, he said that while the situation is very difficult now Lenovo, but that's nothing, because of the last century 80's more difficult than this Lenovo are crossing time passed. Moreover, he felt the biggest difference is the last the last of his lack confidence, but this time got the feeling heart with bottom.

More recently, Liu to the Lenovo Group, the staff sent out an e-mail, in which he said full of enthusiasm: "I firmly believe that the Yuan Qing and Rory as the core team, Lenovo's strategy of turning point has arrived, and this is After another year or so that preparation time, time to think big counterattack has come! "

In fact, the counterattack has begun. The day before the swearing-in, the famous literary association in Beijing, organized by District 798 Strategic and global consumer business, new product release, announced that it will release fiscal 2009, including desktop and notebook models, including 50 consumer computer products, comprehensive coverage of high school low-end market.

The conference is also one of the biggest highlights of the two associations Liu Jun and Chen Shaopeng close ranks with the Young Marshal's appearance. They wear the same headset, two came from the central stage, when they make the same gesture, given the same smile, they continue to rotate behind the blue planet that seems to announce the background: Lenovo will soon return of the king!

Serious invasion of the economic crisis, the mature markets in Europe and the United States the commercial PC products were hit by the situation, as senior vice president and president of Idea Products Group, Liu Jun, senior vice president and as president of emerging markets, Chen Shaopeng, the actual Lenovo will assume the attack on the "right fist" role, they will think to open up new markets and consumer PC in the field of blue ocean. They were also the highest association recently established management team, "Legend of the Executive Committee" (LEC) members.

"Chen Shaopeng, and Liu Jun, Yang's right hand man can be called. They are all working hard out by the performance, Yang has been trained, and will not have too much communication costs, Yang will unswervingly implement the set strategy, and will implement the very place. Lenovo will be a very promising future. "Lenovo has done for many years in human resources strategic planning director of China's soft power research center partner Li Guogang think.

"We want to do in three years, the first emerging markets." Chen Shaopeng said categorically. To achieve this goal, largely have to depend on him, Liu Jun, Qiao Jian, Wang Yan these "old think" and work together. They can pull out the loss of Lenovo quagmire, you go for happiness?

Early February, marshals took over as Lenovo Group chairman Liu, Yang took over as CEO, in the experience of two personnel changes, the Lenovo acquisition of IBM PC back in the pattern before. Just over a month, on March 25, Lenovo Group made a major adjustment of organizational structure, set up customer-facing mature markets and emerging markets, the two business groups, and also according to type into end products Think and Idea Integration Group, the two products.

Remarkable is that the original Chinese executives in the enterprise status was significantly increased. In the company's top management LEC (Legend of the Executive Committee), from China, Yang, Wong Wai Ming (CFO), Liu Jun and Chen Shaopeng occupy eight seats in the half. Previously, Chen Shaopeng had just been promoted to president of Asia Pacific and Russia, and now suddenly he's jurisdiction expanded to the world of 155 emerging market countries. Liu Jun's Idea products for the original purely from the consumer market, expanding coverage to the consumer and SME market. In addition, the "old think," Wang Yan was appointed as Chief Information Officer (CIO), Qiao Jian was appointed vice president of corporate strategy and planning, both reporting directly to CEO Yang.

Obviously, re-served as CEO of the Yang hopes rely on their own comrades for many years, through in emerging markets and consumer products on a last-ditch, then copy in the Chinese market, Lenovo's brilliant. Of course, whether the final wish fulfilled, but also on including his own, the "old revolutionary" can solve the problem of the "new issues."

International Graduates

Over the past four years, and Yang is like that of a university has gone on, and successfully got the degree. This training is targeted at the university master's multinational companies operating international CEO.

The successful acquisition of IBM PC, have been used in front-line combat Yang let out a CEO position, he was named chairman of the board. Even before the acquisition were not very fluent in English Yang, from the think they do not have the ability to control the global market, and in the chairman's seat, he can better observe, copy and learn international experience and knowledge of operations, while can firmly control of the company's overall situation. So, not so much that he is a chairman, not as good as he was a student CEO.

Four years later, Yang what is changed?

Perhaps an outsider would see more clearly. Broadband Capital is chairman Tian Yang friends for years, he is also an independent director of Lenovo Group, he found that Yang had a very big change took place: a few years ago Yang's English was put stumbling, out of the United States also places high social need to live for many years in the United States Tian referral friends. When the Yang to the United States more than a year, once in San Francisco, attended two elite Chinese organizations "100 people" (Committee of 100) of the round table reception, Yang suddenly let him sit in his own that table, and then they both Shi Jin lobbying 1 pair of U.S. government procurement is very great influence. To last year during the Olympic Games in Beijing, at a reception organized by the business, Yang Tian seen already be getting. Once Yang also went to him and said: Su Ning, I'll introduce you to a Korean friend, and they cast a lot of media and telecommunications.

"We meet sometimes chatted about work, what he would say where he went to inspect his work, many names my years of wandering in Europe and the United States have not heard of." Tian Yang was very surprised to have such a strong effort. After becoming CEO in 60 days time, Yang went to a British, one French, one Mexican and one Japanese, two in the running back and forth between China, also attended the 10-day Beijing CPPCC National Committee meeting. Now, he not only in daily communication in English, thinking point of view is entirely typical of a multinational CEO's thinking.

Similarly, whether or Liu Jun, Chen Shaopeng, after 4 years of temper later, have grown into multinational companies qualified executives. Footprint of their vision and already out of China, they will form associations worldwide and Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Acer strong competitors to compete, "Spartak square."

But, after all, the quick international students. In the December 8, 2004 before, almost none of the staff association has extensive international management experience; and that day, they are forced to face the cruel and relentless global competition. No way, they only paid a coach brought in from outside and several foreign players, while working to learn the international management experience.

This is like China's CBA league suddenly entered the U.S. NBA league, the kind of shock and rejection phenomenon is so strong: a large gap between the level, rules are different, even the third line from the location of the basket should be Cut out a big difference. At this time, "coach," Yang has only reduced to "trainee coach" while helping "coach" Moving along the way, while secretly studying his management experience.

After three years, they finally discovered the pain, invited the coach will command the traditional NBA team, his coaching ideas are not entirely suitable for them such a no-name team. Fortunately, after three years of "stealing teacher", "trainee coach" NBA coach has mastered the knowledge and skills required; and after numerous strokes, his players that the Chinese side has been able to use NBA rules and the real player's answer to the NBA.

In fact, as early as April 2007, the "Apprentice" more than two years Yang has some of the last straw, he closed the establishment of a consumer business unit, by themselves personally responsible. Later, as chairman of him to France, Germany and other places the months to help the local marketing team to promote consumer business. He feels the market is still so sensitive, just a few months after the pilot, Lenovo's sales in Germany and France have achieved extraordinary growth. It also strengthened his hand in a more specific business confidence, so the formation of a chairman directly responsible for Lenovo's consumer business, CEO management of commercial business, just like CO-CEO "(Co-CEO) of the strange management.

He has always been a clumsy words, and be sensitive to line managers. A subordinate is also clearly remember that before the 2008 Olympics, returned to Beijing, Yang did not see ads in the bus association immediately after the furious, ordered to be completed within a few days running. Managers like him, never from the inside I was actually willing to only do not touch a specific business chairman.

Now, back to the position of the Yang CEO duck to water. If it was not because of internal communication, he is likely to serve as CEO in the day rather than 50 days after the announcement of this major organizational restructuring. "These adjustments are in fact in my head long to be OK." The specific problems faced by enterprises, he still was so confident, "Of course, this is my 4-year study of the crystal." After adjusting the new organizational structure is more simple and effective executives reporting directly to the Yang less than 10 people, while the original reporting directly to William Amelio, there were nearly 20 people, which will help Lenovo in response to changing market environment, quick decisions immediate action.

"I think it not the same, do you have a lot of CEO's intent can be more directly arranged and passed on. Made CEO after the more qualified you are a direct pass your thoughts. Effect is not the same. From this point speaking, I will feel even more handy today. "Of course, the prerequisite condition that he must rely on a number of existing Globalization old but loyal subordinates

"Grassroots" Chen Shaopeng

Sitting on the ground in five streets in the headquarters office of Lenovo China, Chen Shaopeng are busy scheduling their travel plans. The beginning of time, just as the president of Greater China and Russia, he entered the company's eight-person Executive Committee, when they discuss whether to consider property in accordance with the market rather than by Deliweizhi to divide front-end market, he had a premonition that his will to be responsible for emerging commercial markets.

Before that, he had been to India, Malaysia and Singapore, the characteristics of emerging markets have a certain understanding. Next, he will go to Turkey, Dubai and Vienna, Austria, "In the future I have to go more places." Some time ago, he has and with the emerging markets group COO Chen Xudong, from the afternoon at 6 o'clock, has been busy until 0:00, they only do one thing, that is, the work of his calendar year to row out. "Before I heard multinational companies who want to row the calendar year, Shi Hai think exaggeration, and now his head is coming." Chen Shaopeng said.

This is no way of things, because he managed as many as 155 countries, from China, Vietnam, Russia has been to Africa, Egypt, called "the sun never sets", he must spend more time to understand the real line is of course need to follow the situation of local customers to schedule their own agenda.

"International control of the mainland market before I do not need row schedule, his mind probably know every year in May to open channels to the General Assembly, in September will be open for six months on the line sum. Just when the international calendar has to wait a month , Russia began to control the calendar lined up three months later, and now had to row a year. "

He treats 155 countries divided into three categories: A class is a key development needs of countries, including India, Russia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Turkey and the ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia State); B group of countries will be appropriate now input to maintain the healthy growth of the business; and C category countries may have decided not to do too much input, needs to develop after two to three years.

At the same time, he himself is responsible for the emerging markets division into six regions: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, India, ASEAN, Russia and the former CIS, Middle East and Africa, each key region of the crack from the domestic to send. On April 3 in the oath-taking rally, there was a permanent manager in Russia last year's highest award, "Lenovo Award", he is originally served as the marketing director Bai Yuli notebook. It is because of his exploiting the boundary, Lenovo has made in the Russian market the explosive growth of notebook computers have entered the local market, the top five.

"I understand a word that is governing a large country such as cooking a small dish, the bigger the organization the more we should pay attention to implementation of the strategy. If the strategy does not take into account the operational, executable, and can control, then it's no strategy."

The Yang is also very early to do the support work. Or in the recently awarded the "Legend Award" winners, as well as the Idea in the global market for product development platform Fu Junhua financial support. In only three "Legend Award" winners, two are related with the emerging and consumer markets. In order to alleviate the pressure on the shoulders Chen Shaopeng, Yang also decided to belong to the scope of emerging markets in Latin America for the time being to the COO Rory Read care.

Chen Shaopeng to grass-roots origin for emerging markets business, the whole association could never be more suitable candidates had. Joined the association since 1993, Chen Shaopeng has been in charge of marketing and sales work, but the market has always been difficult to chew. Yang then decided to sales "rush" to the development of agents around the country, he is the original "18 Pine," one of a start to be sent to the economically underdeveloped southwest. Every night, he was living in a no name only a code "03" of the military guest house in the morning out of the old door, boarded the bus or train, and develop new markets at the time.

He Nongmeitaiyan, honest face, was a natural salesman, with "the polar bear's ability to sell ice cream." Lenovo dealer found that no representatives of this company a little shelf, eat and drink together with them every day, car breaks down and also help them to carts, can not help but add a feeling of closeness. It was on the strength of dealers, Chen Shaopeng within three years will be Lenovo PC sales in the Southwest to the original 100 times.

He then was sent to the Northwest market, there is also a virgin: the Xi'an year has only sold 231 Lenovo computers. This time he was also a success.

Today, Chen Shaopeng can be described as sitting within Lenovo rocket upgrade one of several high-level, performance-oriented associations in that he is working hard on their own out of honest performance. Lenovo international time the past few years, he gradually learned to do the capacity of a multinational company marketing executives.

He also clearly remember the Lenovo acquisition of IBM PC recently, he and his immediate supervisor, responsible for worldwide sales, senior vice president 鎷夌淮椹皵鐡?Kazakhstan (Ravi Marwaha) work with the scene. When he was 36 years old, while Ravi has had 36 years of work experience. Ravi is doing a global visit, he arrived from Japan in Guangzhou. As the flight delay, he rushed to the scene, Chen Shaopeng over reports of Chinese sales team has already begun. Old man rushed into the hall began to lecture, talking about the Chinese could have hit the Chinese market, some of the key points. And China in the marketing communication team members one by one, the night he and Chen Shaopeng done the second one to one exchange.

The next morning he and Guangzhou morning tea with local partners, although the need to rely on interpreters, but he is still able to quickly understand the needs of partners. After the exchange both he and Chen Shaopeng trot, only at the last minute to catch a flight to Beijing, on the plane and later followed the work of Chen Shaopeng chat.

"In fact, I have difficulties at that time was to die. He finally said, we take a breather Shao-peng, I was secretly pleased, but 10 minutes later he was awake, followed briskly chatted up."

Through this close contact, Chen Shaopeng know to become a multinational company's sales director require much effort, much stronger and more abundant energy and knowledge. Since then, he began more consciously and association staff to communicate overseas, although his English was not able to with ease. He also got a lot on Western philosophy and culture of the book to read. "You have to always remind myself that 'this is where I am', there must be multi-cultural sensitivity. Although there is a high degree of business and management commonality, but each for a specific business strategy there from many different A good leader can not just know the theory but also with a high degree of local business and associate team. "

Now, he felt the need to develop new markets, we must insist on a very successful operation in China, Lenovo's "big think" concept, to play a more active distributors and channels. "Our transaction-based business model, how management Sale In, how to build shops, these things are replicable."

Of course, he did not ignore the differences between each emerging countries. For example, his visit to Russia, it found almost no small store here, only big computer stores, large department stores will also sell the computer. To India is completely different, there could barely see the big computer stores, and these stores are in a large department store horns Gala Li.

Currently, Lenovo in the global emerging markets excluding China ranks only fifth position, market share was a miserable 3.6%; in these markets, the association not only to face the Hewlett-Packard, Dell and other global competitors, the competition, but also HCL and other regional manufacturers respond to harassment. However, these specific problems did not shake the determination of Chen Shaopeng, he proposed to do three to four years, the first goal of the global emerging markets. To this end, he led his sales team proposed the "win" concept.

In a few months, Chen Shaopeng will celebrate his 40th birthday. "At that time, I hope we feel the strategy throughout the organization is relatively clear, a preliminary to-end business processes and streamline its organizational structure, business model opened a shelf, so I am very satisfied."

"Elite" Liu Jun

Of course, Chen Shaopeng order to the situation in front of the open, absolutely inseparable from the rear of the artillery support, Liu Jun, Idea Products Group, where most of the shells will be for transportation, which is in the new fiscal year will be the first product release Joining two people on stage was the main reason.

After the completion of new product releases, Liu Jun and Yang will be, Chen Shaopeng one to the United States to participate in the new fiscal year at the local swearing. Over the next six weeks, he also experienced a terrifying "back to back" travel: He will be flying back and forth between the U.S. and China three. "Basically, there just is adapted to the time difference, we have to return here was."

The responsible departments for Liu Jun, Yang high hopes. In order to establish end-products sector's competitiveness, he will purchase the original level platform for the company to do the decomposition, respectively Peizhu Idea to Product Group, led by Liu Jun, and Fran O 'Sullivan led Think Products Group. At the same time, he also allowed Liu Jun's Idea products into the SMB market, and Think products appropriate competition.

"For Chen Shaopeng front group, my main assessment of his turnover and profit, he does not need to consider product competitiveness. As for Liu Jun, I will focus on assessing the competitiveness of his product construction, what you take product design patterns, what kind of service model, market strategy is what, Liu Jun, these are issues to be considered. "

"This is not a very new organization structure." Lenovo Li Guogang that for many years, "Lenovo ten years ago that such a structure, and was responsible for commercial products Lu Yan, Liu Jun is responsible for household products, Chen Shaopeng responsible for sales, but it was not international. "Such an approach makes the assessment more than just standing Liu Jun, director of product research and development of a stand in the entire product value chain, but the angle of Idea product problems.

Liu Jun, now look like watching high-spirited, it is difficult to imagine him in the past four years have experienced volatility in the workplace, almost became a victim of Lenovo International. Shortly after the acquisition of IBM PC, he was promoted to global chief operating officer, responsible for Lenovo's focus on the integration of global supply chain. "To say that time is really busy too busy, I have to run around in various parts of the world, coupled with the challenges of language, and even for some time I could only sleep three hours a day."

April 19, 2006, serving as chief operating officer for nearly six months later, Liu Jun, to appear in Beijing on the North West on the 6th of Lenovo Research Building, the first to present the situation of supply chain integration. "We have a weekly update of the past IBM's supply chain transformation into by-day updates. In China, we have the best supply chain industry, the next step I plan to first copy it to India, then Japan."

Unfortunately, despite every effort to Liu Jun, but still not reached an "iron fist CEO" Amelio's request, the effectiveness of the original Dell Amelio has been the best supply chain management and the only solution the world, Amelio is obviously believe themselves. August 31, 2006, Liu Jun, sadly had to leave, job from Dell's Jerry Smith (Gerry P. Smith) took over.

Liu Jun's departure is almost a landmark event. Since then, Lenovo's vice president of supply chain and SONG Guo Minglei also have left, then followed by blue-Ye, Zhang Hui, Wang Xiaoyan, which are then hundreds of battles in the "old think," But now in legitimate employment of international have bid farewell to the international association. "In the past associations of the team is very stable, and take a president and assistant to be earthshaking, now take a vice president could not hear a sound." This also allows marshals Liu quite some bitter, he tried his best to the departing executives Shoulong to " Lenovo systems "other enterprises under the store.

And Liu Jun, Lenovo's consumer business he created the Reggie, in November 2006, began his career one year of study.

In the United States, the Liu Jun has to Stanford Business School and Harvard Business School, east and west coasts of the United States experienced different cultural styles. Before that, he was completing the Tsinghua University's EMBA degree. "America's MBA program is not the same, can learn a lot of systems and theories of things, but also helped me understand different cultures and backgrounds." In the Harvard study, he found classmates from more than 30 countries, not only corporate executives, and some senior government officials. They were each divided into a group of eight, living in a small room with eight large apartment inside, the room was only put down a small desk and a bed, it also forced us to communicate to the public area.

"In the U.S. this year, a huge help to me." Look back and Liu Jun is very grateful to their experienced the frustration, his own experience of the past few years even with the "perfect" words to evaluate, "Generally speaking, the past few years is to develop a more vision, and because developing a vision, so when the idea of doing things will be more mature approach will be more mature. At the same time, cross-cultural communication and leadership skills have been greatly enhanced, and this is the most important. "

October 2007, Liu Jun, Lenovo back to replace Yang as the president of the Consumer Group, he once again became the engine of Lenovo consumer business. At this point, as in the consumer response to slow business, Lenovo has been stripped the PC top three list.

Liu Jun, a robust manner immediately put to work, and he formed an international team, will be responsible for retail business in the United States, an executive "Fudge" to his department, will only engage in traditional Japanese ThinkPad R & D Japanese laboratory called to a number of R & D personnel under its command. He also spent a lot of time in the internal culture of an international work culture. He experienced the frustration will soon be transformed into valuable experience setbacks. "Your management team has not reported to you 100%. Before, when local companies is a 100% subsidiary is to report to you the tree structure, the present association and other multinational corporations are the same, cross- regional, cross-functional and cross business later, you have to adapt to a virtualization management, and sometimes you even have to use their influence and leadership to lead the Naxiebingbu to report to you the different cultural backgrounds of foreigners, which on leadership have higher requirements. "He started to the world, with local marketing teams to understand local needs, almost twice around the earth one. Since then, he visited with his team one by one the various parts and supplier of product design, see if you can achieve more depth of cooperation.

In the consumer product development, the primary issue is to reduce time to market. In the past, IBM PC's product development system is mainly commercial customers in the face, although very strict and reliable, but is very long, does not meet the development of consumer products.

Liu Jun, the first consumer products simplify the internal development process. Former IBM PC's a lot of product development is completely serial, not a development process can not be verified before the next procurement and component preparation. Now he asked two steps in parallel. There is the association of each product needs to do after coming out of the support of more than 60 languages and test results throughout the product launch process to go through four-wave, which lasted more than two months. Now he asked the first time all the features necessary to test products and do them in English and Chinese versions, the second round of the only other language versions can be done, and thus the entire product release time to a month. Through his continuous efforts, Lenovo Idea of products shorten the development cycle than in the past 30% of the time. He is still not very satisfied with this. He hoped that with partners and the integration between upstream and downstream, this can be further reduced by 30% this cycle.

If Chen Shaopeng is representative of grass-roots enterprise leaders, then head to toe Liu Jun's body was filled with elite atmosphere. He graduated from Tsinghua University, the most famous, tall, handsome shape, love sports, in college basketball is the main force. Lenovo 1996 he designed the history of the first home computer software and hardware integration of design, "Scorpio", he completed one design from the computer to the box. In 1999 he presided over the design of China's first Internet computer "Sky", it displays using the streamlined structure, the host is up flying attitude, acted like a wave from the day the sky, but also as a compact shell. "It is very beautiful, you just look at, they will remember it forever." Liu Jun was seen proudly in front of a computer for every person who praise their own work.

Today, he still did not change their aesthetic habits. Last year, when Lenovo Group vice president and general manager of worldwide consumer notebook business unit Wei Chun took the exquisitely designed netbook report to him, he even took note of the Internet appearance of the protective film is not immediately required to do further Chun Wei improvement.

January 2008, Lenovo introduced new IdeaPad series of notebooks debut at CES in the United States, caused a sensation the audience, which U110 is the winner of "Best notebook products" and "computer / hardware in the best exhibit the" two Awards.

The Internet has lagged behind in this market, Lenovo began to send forces. August 2008, Lenovo released the Internet this product IdeaPadS9 and S10, where S10 is the world's first 10-inch netbook. Although the introduction of the time compared to Asus and Acer half a beat slower, but because of its compact design and 10-inch "big screen", S10 was favorable for the market in the mainland market is almost out of stock.

"I do not think our line behind a rival in this respect. Have something called the 'come back as more clever', when we launched the Internet this is precisely the time when the market began to heavy volume, and the most profitable, they introduced earlier is not necessarily to make money. Moreover, our Internet the world's thinnest 10-inch, color is the most attractive. "Liu Jun, as always, keep a sense of the past child arrogance, he has set himself a very challenging goals, "I hope to four years in the global PC market, consumer and small and medium enterprises to achieve the top two."

After a "perfect storm", the large ship in the new Lenovo, led by captain under Yang, seems to have returned to the correct route. Of four years of international experience tempered, Yang's mind seems to relax a lot, the afternoon of April 3, at the national stadium next to the Intercontinental Hotel North Star interview, he resumed his past that aggressive momentum. When the photographer to take pictures when he is even more exposed confident smile.

"He's relaxed a lot than before." His men were also very surprised his recent changes. No wonder, because the association has returned to his favorite play up there, and Liu Jun, Chen Shaopeng right hand man of the adjuvant, there Qiao Jian and Wang Xiaoyan strong support in the background, plus years to emerge like Xia Li , Bai Yuli, Fu Junhua, Miriam Xiaohui these more prime international manager, he led the association to fully self-confidence out of current difficulties, towards a new future.

Where is the way Lenovo

In mastering the basic capacity of internationalization, after a dramatic change in the PC industry today, the association must make changes as soon as possible.

Ji Yongqing / text

With the Yang, Chen Shaopeng, Liu Jun, Wang Yan, Qiao Jian and other "old association of people" in the new association to assume a more important role in today's Lenovo seems to be back before the IBM PC acquisition of the state. So the outside world has an extreme view, which in fact means that the failure of Lenovo International.

Confusion and doubt not only from Lenovo outside, before the oath-taking rally in the Beijing, Yang also attended the oath-taking rally in London. In exchanges with the local staff, there are a lot of people are very worried and asked him, think in the end is not a global company? Lenovo is China not to withdraw?

The answer is very obvious, Lenovo can not return to the past, but Yang needs to make more more detailed explanation, of course, more importantly, practical action. From the present point of view, difficulties encountered in the cultural integration of the association, began to think of culture as the old main, to integrate different types of corporate culture. This is undoubtedly correct. Ultimately, the new Lenovo's culture is bound to be a absorbing, more open, more innovative, more attention to share, at the same time have a strong executive power of the "blue blood culture." Lenovo must be integrated along this path with resolute efforts, and can not return to copy the old culture to the way Lenovo; After all, it now faces competition and staff structure and business associations that have taken place during a very big change.

In fact, Yang was also conscious of past associations and cultural transformation. For example, he has been in the association to encourage Chinese and foreign employees within the multi-exchange, no matter who, when meeting as the presiding officer should note the difference between Chinese and Western cultures. If a foreigner, who was to have sense of place to speak Chinese.鍙︿竴鏂归潰浠栦篃榧撳姳涓浗浜哄ぇ鑳嗗湴璇村嚭鑷繁鐨勬兂娉曪紝鈥滄垜瑙夊緱鑰佸杩欑鏈夎瘽鐩磋鐨勫仛娉曟洿鍔犵瀛﹀拰鐞嗘?銆傛垜浠紦鍔辨湁闂灏辫嚜宸辫鍑烘潵锛屼竴瀹氳鐩存埅浜嗗綋锛岃繖灏辨槸鍥介檯鍖栫殑璇█锛屽鏋滀綘涓嶈灏变唬琛ㄤ綘鍚屾剰浜嗐?鈥?br />



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銆??鑰屼骇鍝佸眰闈㈢殑绐佺牬灏遍渶瑕佽仈鎯冲叿澶囨洿楂樺眰娆$殑闆嗘垚鍒涙柊鑳藉姏锛岃?涓嶄粎浠呭彧鏄湪澶栬璁捐绛夌‖浠跺眰闈㈢殑鍒涙柊锛屽綋鐒跺瑙傝璁$殑鍒涙柊鑳藉姏涔熼潪甯搁噸瑕併?浠婂勾1鏈?9鏃ワ紝鑱旀兂浣庤皟鏀惰喘浜嗕綅浜庣編鍥借タ闆呭浘鐨勬秷璐规妧鏈叕鍙窼wichbox Labs,杩欐槸涓?鐢卞墠寰蒋鍏徃楂樼楹﹀厠灏斅锋柉娌冪壒鍒涚珛鐨勬妧鏈瀷鍏徃銆傚埌鐩墠涓烘锛岃仈鎯冲凡缁忔帹鍑轰簡鍙屽睆绗旇鏈數鑴戙?涓?綋鏈虹瓑鏇村叿鍒涙柊鎬х殑浜у搧銆傚彲浠ラ瑙佺殑鏄紝閫氳繃鏀惰喘涓?簺鍏峰鍒涙柊鑳藉姏鐨勬妧鏈叕鍙革紝鏈潵鑱旀兂杩樹細鎺ㄥ嚭鏇村棰犺鎬х殑浜у搧锛屼粠鑰屾敼鍙樼洰鍓嶇殑甯傚満鏍煎眬銆?br />
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

AMD switch to heat: between fundamental to the king of Wu-Soft international Cisco Rong Jin

April 14, Sohu IT was informed by the way, AMD SUN Xiu-fang, director of marketing before the Greater China has joined the Beijing International Information Technology Co., Ltd. in the soft.

So far, sources in the soft international office building there to see between fundamental, but specific duties "There is no official announcement, not easy to say."

In an interview with Sohu IT connection between fundamental, also confirmed that they have left AMD to join the international soft. Speaking in the soft concrete issues of international responsibility, she did not reveal too much, but that soft international will be officially announced next week outside, will be known since.

Formerly known as the soft international soft SEB, founded in 1996, restructured in April 2000 and renamed as the soft international, as the group's flagship company in the soft, integrated in the structure of e-government software business, e-commerce, software outsourcing, IT training, core business, is the leading IT services company. Soft International in June 2003 in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is the first listed in Hong Kong e-government solutions provider. September 2005, the soft international and Microsoft, the International Finance Corporation signed a strategic investment agreement, the successful integration of capital 35 million U.S. dollars.

According to the news, AMD Greater China marketing director Wang Wu-Rong of the separation procedures are also "being processed" to determine the transfer of Cisco, the specific duties is not yet known.

Similarly, in China's high-level shocks while AMD, AMD company announced on April 9, as prices fell, shipping downturn and other factors, they expect revenue for the first quarter of this year, 1.23 billion, below Wall Street analysts expected 1.55 billion U.S. dollars. This data is also lower than expected, AMD March 16 to 1.7 billion.

The company also said that the future will restructure operations to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. AMD set out in the plan include: this year's capital spending will be reduced by 500 million U.S. dollars, in addition to the reduction of other scattered items, new employees will be limited to key positions.

As we all know that in order to expand their market share, Intel and AMD in the past year to carry out a fierce price war, price war led by the AMD. But many industry analysts said, AMD launched the price war for Intel's "beating" is limited, but bring disaster to AMD itself.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

How to reduce the lead time ---- to the world-class manufacturing of the third practice

"Product delivery more and more difficult to control, how to we actually do?" In the consultation process to the customer, this problem has become the focus of the manufacturing sector generally reflect and first look at the following allow enterprises to headache:
A production of mobile phone chip business, said: According to market demand, the design of faster and faster chips, but the delivery slower;
A production of functional coatings business, said: normally expect from a product off the assembly line up to vote as long as five hours, while the four-day customer requirements (originally seven days) delivery is still not satisfied;
Food production, said a company: product variety is changing rapidly, but difficult to arrange the production schedule;
A metal container production enterprises, said: great seasonal products, the production season is difficult to deliver goods on time, leading to many orders can not meet a lot of opportunities lost;
Described as "no orders to worry about, with orders to worry about, do not worry orders see more worry!"

The emergence of this issue is not surprising, because the planned economy was replaced ruthless market economy; as a seller's market to be replaced by a buyer's market; as by-stock approach has become to-order production processes; because of mass production gradually lost its competitiveness and turn Small Batch Production; because the customer is not only concerned about the quality of products also concerned about the price and delivery time; more because the lure of profit led to increased competition, etc., which causes a lot of accumulated experience and strengths will soon become vulnerable up Management also because a number of uncertainties become complex and difficult to control. These problems is not terrible, but afraid many companies relying on luck and can not face these problems and do not find effective solutions to these problems on the enterprise involved in the improvement of the lead, this article on how to reduce lead time to do related Discussion.

Manufacturing production process in general can be summarized as shown below and in accordance with the corresponding stages of analysis and discussion

銆?銆怬rder processing from the enterprise point of view, I hope the better order, but whether the timely delivery of each order are not necessarily, so companies need to be assessed for each order (not referring to commercial negotiations with customers, These basic agreement with customers, mainly around the time of delivery and quantity assessment), or enterprises to bear the liability for breach, it became a trading losses. Seems, at this stage there is no lead at all, in fact, the great management articles. Sales order processing, we must first know the company has established production plan, if approved in accordance with information to hand as short as a few hours, as many days, if the inserting of production, the situation is more complex, the planning department to conduct analysis on the production plan to adjust, to see whether they have inserted a single production (equipment, resources, human resources, raw materials inventory and the expected procurement plan, etc.), because many orders are interspersed, especially in more complex production process, production processes and more companies confirm production plans more difficult, if not smooth and efficient approval process orders and means of using information often delays, from the customer's point of view, it very difficult to price, quantity, quality, specifications and so has been a clear case wait a few days next time to know delivery time, it directly affect customers of the business plan, 鎵?互 first stage of assessment in order to shorten lead time, even if the original basis on a half-day or one day in advance, Yeshi great breakthrough indeed. To achieve this goal, in fact to change the planning department and sales department of collaborative relationships, and improved collaboration and efficiency, if the plan 閮ㄩ棬 rapid delivery of sales needed ones not only Nenggoujiakuai signed contract cycle accordingly while Ke Yi improve long-term customer relationship, which is crucial for enterprises of.

銆愩? Production planning production planning formulation of difficulty is affected by many uncertain factors, such as small-volume demand for more variety in addition to frequent cancellation and change orders (quantity, size, etc.), but also increase the planned randomness but no plan of production is difficult to imagine, precisely because this conflict lengthened the planning cycle, resulted in the timely delivery. From a managerial point of view, the production plan of the development cycle, there is a substantial improvement is difficult, because each change of production factors will affect the results and the actual production, the manual scheduling and experience can not meet the requirements, so it is necessary from the means and tools to improve the application, but the theory has been verified.

Theory of Constraints (Theory of Constraints, TOC) in the production plan of arrangement had been fully used, of course, realized through computer systems, or as when the first artillery shells fired to launch ballistic parameters calculated as feasible. Theory of Constraints is the founder of E 路 M 路 Goldratt a simple but effective Dr. analogy to explain his theory, Ji Zuo a chain compared to Qi Ye, as the chain Zhong Lian Jie Department to work in all form of a complete system Shi chain capable of delivering tremendous power as a competitive enterprises in all branches and departments working together, produce large amounts of profits for the company. Used in production, can be interpreted as the operation in production there will be a potential constraint in somewhere, that limit productivity within the supply chain links, each link of production will have at least one of them. Constraints may be a crucial part of the work center, a skilled worker or a skill is difficult to prepare for the production of special materials. But no matter what the situation is, operation of the production limitations and whether the enterprise has 鑳藉姏 to effectively meet customer requirements and Shi Ying prices and costs are directly related, enterprises must produce Yingxiangzhiqian in Zhexie restrictions first went to control them. So, based on the theory advanced scheduling TOC Management System (APS) was born and obtain sustainable development, such as the world's largest solutions provider of medium-sized manufacturing company MAPICS is particularly developed in the field of professional and mature.
In this way, the planning department can in a very short time (minutes) taken into account, in accordance with the requirements Lai Mei Ge customer De Bu Tong orders of the fastest delivery Shi Jian, Jiang Xinxizhunque also available to Xiaoshoubumen and decision-making departments, while production planning simulation adjustment and development of the actual production plan, so since the plan will shorten the development cycle, and become more feasible to realize the plan of the improvements in advance!

Procurement plan銆?銆恌ormed a clear production plan, followed to determine the material requirements and procurement plans. Do the actual operation process, the purchasing department can order according to each individual purchase, otherwise it will lead to increased costs and unreasonable procurement inventory, and some need to import raw materials and spare parts, and some materials need to contract manufacturing and production, and some materials stocks are barriers inventory, procurement cycle is different, how to ensure normal production expenses? Stock up too much money too much, too little inventory impact of production and delay in delivery, in accordance with the ERP in the MRP calculation results, often only as a reference, because there is no excess production capacity of enterprises to consider factors, in the actual production Managers will be adjusted, also led to adjustment of procurement plans, results in reduced efficiency, how to solve this problem, both to optimize business processes, improve management standards of accidents start with the one hand, based on the application of APS to run MRP, so The results of the feasibility of greatly improved accuracy and, in fact, lead also to improve the procurement. Of course, the purchasing department itself to change the collaborative relationships with suppliers can also improve the procurement lead time, such as the Harbin Beer Group on the purchase of hops, hops suppliers consignment of the way, greatly improve the efficiency of both sides, many paint companies are taking a similar approach , the company installed a number of emulsion irrigation, suppliers replenish stocks at any time according to business usage, so that business use of key raw materials and components had no worries. In short, to improve the procurement lead time, for ex-shown, not only to change the internal operating procedures and norms, and the use of information systems, Tongshi should improve supply chain management.

銆愩? Many companies produce products to prepare many different types of the same production line or process a variety of semi-finished or finished product is very common, so that in the production process of production preparation stage, such as tool replacement, replacement of the mold, the adjustment process routes and parameters , skilled arrangements, spare parts in the warehouse of the exchange, there is equipment, chemical industry, container cleaning, etc., will impact on production lead time. For the discrete manufacturing industries, the design of standardized components as possible is an effective way, for as central air conditioning, large machinery and equipment, the demand for personalized ones, almost every order is different BOM, so need to design more consideration to the core components of the process of standardization, there are many non-standard parts, using contract manufacturing approach will reduce the company's own production of pressure on the lead role in strengthening the protection of play. Production preparation cycle has a relationship directly with the plan, plan well, prepare an orderly, efficient, production ready soon because some industries, such as mechanical processing, but some of the industry is very time-consuming, poorly planned arrangement is tantamount to a waste of resources .

銆?銆怭roduction process and then into the production, processing or assembly stages. Previous production, I hope the same product with the production schedule, it seems to reduce the switching costs, but there are a lot of lead time in terms of negative factors. If only one or two the whole process, or product change very little, of course, each production plan for each order or production of larger quantities appointment, but the process much more complex business processes, need to order the uncertainty to consider the issue. For example, each production batch great, but were unable to operate with insufficient raw materials inventory, or Houmian processes in a wait state, processing period becomes Zhang Zhe Yang, Keyikaolv the large volume Tiaozheng into small batch production, the Government can ensure the continuity of production sex, on the other hand if the order is canceled or changed, can reduce losses, while for some manufacturing industries, but also can effectively control the number of WIP, backlog for capital, flexible arrangements for production is very good. Based on these, it is necessary the help of good information management platform, or entirely by artificial arrangements are difficult to achieve. In addition, some enterprises under the orders of production, can change the collaborative relationships with customers, but also by way of consignment, so the product inventory at the customer, the amount of organizing production according to the customer, in effect became the basis of inventory for production, either from customers or benefit both the enterprise itself. Because, according to the development trend of modern manufacturing, as far as possible to maintain the stability of enterprises and their supply chain flexibility, the lower their operating costs to be effective.

銆怐elivery銆?products shipped after the completion of a test of storage, shipment delivery process. There are many ways to ship management, if exports experienced a longer period. Many companies use third-party logistics to complete delivery, this session there are also many to be tapped.

銆?銆怑RP system application of the results from the perspective of management information systems, in order to reduce the lead time, companies can be significantly improved in these areas, such as the demand for critical resources and materials, synchronization of programs; by APS to show the dynamic lead time; gradually achieve paperless transactions; achieve with suppliers and customers to achieve long-term understanding of interaction between a compressed period of time throughout the supply chain; improve the long-term planning process; to strengthen equipment management and crisis management of assets.

The lead time reduction and improved manufacturing direct means to enhance rapid response capabilities, rather than passive constrained by market demand, as the enterprise's own initiative for change to improve, by reducing the lead time is not a link or a sector responsibility, but consider the whole enterprise, as it should for increasing the competitiveness of enterprises to consider, after all, in quality and price comparable circumstances, the early period is important customer concern in the would have to reduce its product to the ultimate customer lead time. Because the consultation has been published Han Road, leading to the first world-class manufacturing practice (how to reduce operating costs) and the second practice (how to exceed customer expectations), so this will be how to reduce the lead as the third practice will be followed More articles on launch of.


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