Tuesday, August 3, 2010

AMD switch to heat: between fundamental to the king of Wu-Soft international Cisco Rong Jin

April 14, Sohu IT was informed by the way, AMD SUN Xiu-fang, director of marketing before the Greater China has joined the Beijing International Information Technology Co., Ltd. in the soft.

So far, sources in the soft international office building there to see between fundamental, but specific duties "There is no official announcement, not easy to say."

In an interview with Sohu IT connection between fundamental, also confirmed that they have left AMD to join the international soft. Speaking in the soft concrete issues of international responsibility, she did not reveal too much, but that soft international will be officially announced next week outside, will be known since.

Formerly known as the soft international soft SEB, founded in 1996, restructured in April 2000 and renamed as the soft international, as the group's flagship company in the soft, integrated in the structure of e-government software business, e-commerce, software outsourcing, IT training, core business, is the leading IT services company. Soft International in June 2003 in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, is the first listed in Hong Kong e-government solutions provider. September 2005, the soft international and Microsoft, the International Finance Corporation signed a strategic investment agreement, the successful integration of capital 35 million U.S. dollars.

According to the news, AMD Greater China marketing director Wang Wu-Rong of the separation procedures are also "being processed" to determine the transfer of Cisco, the specific duties is not yet known.

Similarly, in China's high-level shocks while AMD, AMD company announced on April 9, as prices fell, shipping downturn and other factors, they expect revenue for the first quarter of this year, 1.23 billion, below Wall Street analysts expected 1.55 billion U.S. dollars. This data is also lower than expected, AMD March 16 to 1.7 billion.

The company also said that the future will restructure operations to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. AMD set out in the plan include: this year's capital spending will be reduced by 500 million U.S. dollars, in addition to the reduction of other scattered items, new employees will be limited to key positions.

As we all know that in order to expand their market share, Intel and AMD in the past year to carry out a fierce price war, price war led by the AMD. But many industry analysts said, AMD launched the price war for Intel's "beating" is limited, but bring disaster to AMD itself.

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