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Video P2P download Storm: Openext

Author: Michelle

As a professional worm, the Internet every day to find their own appropriate resources is a job to do daily, since installing broadband, I have even more reluctant to leave. But always find work for their inefficiency and fat to worry about. To solve this problem, several of our good friends have chosen to exchange each other's resource base to achieve the purpose of enriching their content. The power of a few people always limited, if all the users are sharing their resources so will it not form a large pool. I am sure there is such a tool can help me achieve this, then have another day's work, that is to find suitable peer sharing tools, this work has been carried out to find a name I Openext broadband entertainment platform to share after the stop, because I found it what I want to find the treasure!

First, install the registration

From the Pacific Ocean online to download the latest V4.0 version of the current, double-click the downloaded file to start the installation wizard, has been clicking the "Next" to complete the installation.

Installed in the Start menu and Desktop to create the appropriate shortcut, double-click the shortcut to start the establishment as shown in Figure 1, the registration wizard window, for new registered users two options, one registered general number that is "registered new number ", the other is registered" good number ", the user can choose according to their own needs registration form, then fill in relevant information can easily access OP world, the only letter of their own personal capacity, character (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Figure 2

Tip: If you want to get access to a free membership account, you can log in directly, where registered users will enjoy free access to 168 hours of member services, all resources Free to download (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Second, shared resources

Resource Search

The greatest advantage is the use of OP can get a wealth of resources, log on OP account, on the main interface appears, we can import three different available resources to search (Figure 4).

Figure 4

(1) the top of the main interface, there is a Search toolbar, which we only need to enter keywords to search, then click "GO" button to start the search.

Tip: Click the Search toolbar button in front of the class can choose to search for resources.

(2) Click the top of the main interface, all part of the "Search Center", so that the section is divided into the following music search, video search, software search, Flash search, image search, book search, and we only need to press the corresponding category can then interface that appears and then enter keywords to search in that category was.


(3) If you can not find in the main interface, as shown in the second search for ways to interface, you can click on the right of "Search Center" button.

Resources Download

No matter which way we search for the search to the resource will be in the form of a list is displayed, we only need to right click what you want to download to local resources, in the pop-up menu, select "Download this file" - "Browse", then open the window, select Save.

Figure 5

Tip: We can set the default download location of files, right-click the icon on the taskbar Openext, in the pop-up menu, select "Options Settings", then switch to the "Transfer Settings", click "Download List" after "view "button to set it up. After this setting later download only the pop-up menu, select "download this file" button.

Download Center

When we added after the download task, OP will start to connect each other's computer attempts to download, download if you want to know the situation, you can click the main interface to the right of "Download transfer", this will add to the list of download tasks form is displayed, and also shows the download progress, etc. (Figure 6). Right-click the task of being downloaded can also carry out further operations.

Figure 6

Tip: If you download the way, the other side of the computer shuts down, then we can also log in next time click the bottom "View Resume" to continue to try to connect the user's computer to download.

Resource sharing

If you just want to get other people's resources without sharing their own content, such behavior was immoral. To this end we have to pay for the same time, click the main interface to the right of "shared management" button, so there will be a similar Explorer window (Figure 7), selected to share the file or folder , click the "Make Share" button.

Figure 7

Tip: If you do not want to share files one by one, you can click the Sharing Wizard to search for media resources can be shared out.

Third, special applications

In addition to resource sharing OP have outstanding performance, there are other very useful functions!

Friends exchange

Friends exchange must first add a friend, click the bottom of Figure 8, the "Find" button to search meet your requirements friends, add the end we only need to "my friends" in the double-click the account name to start the exchange of window.

Figure 8

Play Platform

Although OP is a resource sharing tool, but it can serve as a multi-play entertainment platform, click the bottom right corner of the button, this will open the Add Files window, you can be pictures, music, videos and other content added in. For example, I add a video, it becomes a play the main interface window (Figure 9).

Figure 9

Tip: If you want to return this time, search center, you can use the search above resources, a third way to proceed.

Other services

Can be said that OP is a multifunctional broadband entertainment platform, except as described above, OP community also provides us with the exchange, where you can enjoy the site collection, online film features outstanding recent OP also that we provide a friend function, if you want to come a romantic thing, I believe it will be able to help you achieve this.

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